Gordon Thomas (1916-2016)

Photo: Lee Towndrow

Gordon Thomas was a singer and songwriter based in New York City. Formerly a working jazz trombonist who notably played in Dizzy Gillespie's big band, Gordon began writing his own songs in the late 1960s after a religious epiphany. He spent the next five decades recording and self-releasing his own music - 15 albums of LPs, cassettes and CDs that he would give away to friends and strangers. Catchy and simple, peculiar and personal, his songs are a kind of musical folk art.

Everything's Coming My Way is a documentary about Gordon's life, music and philosophy by Montreal filmmakers Stacey DeWolfe and Malcolm Fraser. Following the release of the film in 2005, Gordon accompanied the filmmakers to several international film festivals and screenings, and performed his music live for the first time.

Gordon passed away in January 2016, a week shy of his 100th birthday. His lifelong dedication to his music and his positive spirit were an inspiration to everyone he met.

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Everything's Coming My Way - Trailer

Everything's Coming My Way - 1 Hour Documentary from Tricon Films and Television on Vimeo.

Photo: Lee Towndrow